Frequently asked questions

Setting up your store is very easy. Once you have made your account active, just watch our online step by step tutorial to see how you can add products and services to your shop.

Hostie Hub partners with Stripe. Once you have become a host, you will be required to set up a Stripe account which will be used to manage payments into your nominated bank account. Once guests have purchased from your store, funds will be held by Stripe and released to you 24 hours after your guest checks-in.

Guests can cancel for a full refund up to 7 days prior to checking in. Stripe transaction fees are not refunded and payable by the party who has decided to cancel. If the cancelled order falls within the 7 days, the host can decide whether or not to be flexible with this arrangement on their end. Refunds will be issued by Hostie Hub at the request of the host or guest.

Of course. Feedback is always welcome. Please forward on any other questions/suggestions to

Hostie Hub charges a fee of 10% on each transaction that occurs.

Hostie Hub encourages hosts to provide to the best of their ability. In cases where a guest is not satisfied with the product or service provided, we would encourage both parties to rectify the problem in house. If this cannot be achieved, reach out to Hostie Hub at where we will do our best to act as a mediator.

Just need to explain how a guest makes a dispute claim within the 24 hours after check-in…